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The Rangitangs

The Cartoons of Len Whalen

The Cartoons of Len Whalen

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A curated collection of cartoon works spanning from the year 1930 to the year 1989 - providing a humorous look at the inhabitants of the BC logging communities.

This 72 page digest covers Whalen's pre-WW2 work for national publications like Macleans and The Judge. Also featured is 'From the Front', a series of cartoons by then Sargent Whalen, injecting humor into a tragic time.

The series appeared in Macleans and the Vancouver Sun - a relationship that would blossom in 1960 with the publication of The BC Rangitangs cartoon series.

These cartoons appeared in the Vancouver Sun in the series titled "B.C. Rangitangs" as well as most BC coastal weekly newspapers, IWA, and industry publications.

Len Whalen's cartoons have also appeared in Saturday Night and other North American Publications as well as Hiballer magazine, which Whalen worked with from its founding in 1949 until the mid 80's. His illustrations have been used by industry advertisers for over 40 years.

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