We estimate orders to be processed within 3-5 business days and everything is sent out via Canada Post after that!

We only do returns for the cartoon book at this time and only within 30 days of the sale. If you need to make a return, please first send us an email at cem@lweb.net to let us know it is coming. Once the returned book is received in a condition we see as resellable, we will provide a full refund.

We do indeed! Get in contact with us at mike@rangitangs.com with an explanation of what you'd like to order and we'll get the ball rolling!

Has the estimated shipping and delivery time gone past? If so, get in contact with us at mike@rangitangs.com! We'll try and track things down for you.

Well by all means, share away! We'd love to hear a bit about your connection to the life the the pieces portray. Send your story over to us via email by sending it to mike@rangitangs.com.

It truly depends on the capabilities of our printing partners. Have an idea though? Send it over to us at mike@rangitangs.com.

Because a lot of the words and phrases were common lingo at the time that the cartoons were created, these things can usually be discoverable on the web. But, if you find that researching the web just isn't cutting it, then let us know! We'll see if our old brains can muster up a quasi-definition for you.